Why be satisfied with the rest –when you can have the best! CMIC focuses on high-quality electronical items that will let you enjoy everyday activities with fun.

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“I was not familiar with the CMIC brand until I tried the Littleone bluetooth minispeaker – wherever I go, it is with me and we can start party everywhere with that amazing little speaker.”


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Ever thought that life could be more fun? We at CMIC are always developing new items that will bring you closer to “James Bond”. Our special electronical items are not just good quality and cool, but they also have greate functions that you can't find on other similar products.

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As far as possible we always consider the environment when choosing our materials and production methods. We invest in quality instead of throwaway and we were the first in the field to be certified for environment and quality simultaneously according to ISO. A concrete example is that we manufacture paper clips that you can throw into the recycling bin. So that’s how we think, on both a large and small scale, and you can too.

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Design inspired by you

We meet hundreds of people every day in all imaginable branches and discuss their needs, problems and wishes. We take this knowledge back home to our designers and product developers.


This results in innovative and sustainable products that are not just attractive but also solve problems and needs. Quite simply, smart gadgets make your workday better. 

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Rahmqvist College

We believe in knowledge, curiosity and consideration for both our clients and each other. That is why we started Rahmqvist College 25 years ago – our own business college. Today it is the Nordic area’s best if you ask us. Here the employees get the chance to develop and profit from our most experienced colleagues’ knowledge. 

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Rahmqvist Foundation Centre

For us sustainability is also about showing responsibility for each other. That is why we support children in South Africa.

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