The start of a successful sales career

Good knowledge is a prerequisite for succeeding as a sales person, an understanding of the branch and a desire to continually develop. That is why we run our own business school - Rahmqvist College. This focuses on teaching sales at a deeper level to our employees, to make personal development possible and to increase the understanding and knowledge of our business idea, philosophy and activity. Rahmqvist College is also designed to give all employees a long-term plan for their careers within the company. The practical application is apparent throughout our training that we call ”theopractical”. All our lecturers are out selling in the field daily. They have a lot of experience and solid knowledge of the activity that they are very keen to share with others. We hope to see you at Sales Training stage 1 shortly!

Bjørn-Ove Emaus

”The basis for a good career is good basic knowledge. When it comes to sales this is exactly what you get at Rahmqvist College. At the college I want to express that sales are simple, so make it simple. Planning, the first impression, product demonstrations, wind-up and order – if you can master this then you will have a good career as a sales person within the Rahmqvist group. Freedom comes with the job, to be able to influence your salary, a chance to work abroad, indeed the possibilities are endless for those who want them. ”

Director of Rahmqvist College

TITLE Sales Representative, Vidamic Prinova
LECTURES ON Sales, goals and motivation