Ampere - Power Bank

This portable power bank charger is a perfect tool for the traveling person. You charge it up through your USB-port and when connected to your mobile units, you have an ultraportable charger on the go!

- PowerBank
- Led lamp
- UV lamp

Technical specifications:
- Cell capacity 3000mAh
- Type of end cell: Lithium ion
- Input charging time: about 3,5h
- Dimensions: 101(L) x 27(W) x 26(H)
- Weight: 175g
- Accessories: 1 cable, 7 connectors (iPhone 4/5/S/C, Nokia, Micro, Mini, LG, Samsung)
- Cell voltage: Powerbank 5V
- Bare battery: 3,7V
- Input voltage: 5V
- Output voltage: 5V
- Charging speed for mobiles: 1,5A

Ampere - Power Bank

Little One - Small Bluetooth Speaker

This little portable speaker is connected to your mobile unit via Bluetooth. The top part vibrates so depending on the surface, it makes different noise depending on the table it stands on. It can also double as a miniature conference speaker. No wires required as it connects easily with bluetooth.

- Mini USB
- USB Flash disk reader
- FM radio
- Microphone
- Bluetooth

Technical specifications:
- Power output: 10W
- S/N: 78 dB
- Power: USB DC5V+ Lithium Battery
- Frequency response: 80-20KHz
- Audio Input: 3,5MM PLUG
- Weight: 280 g
- Size: Ø 59,4x76,6MM
- USB Length: 1,5 m
- Wires included

Little One - Small Bluetooth Speaker

Prisma - Portable Miniprojector

Prisma is an ultraportable miniprojector with surpricingly good picture considering it's compact size. It can be connected to most mobile units and is fully rechargable with built-in speaker. 

In your home, watching the game. In your office, presenting the new business plan. Or even on the peak of Mount Everest, showing a map of the way down. The world smallest and coolest award winning Prisma Projector gives you the picture!

Magnificent: With its 35 ANSI lumens of brightness, this little gadget projects an image up to 60 inches across (from a distance of two metres – 4:3 aspect ratio) onto any living room or office wall. The VGA resolution is 640x480 pixels; the contrast ratio is 800:1.

Light and quiet: Thanks to the latest LED technology (10,000 hour lifespan), at just 129 grams this is a lightweight projector that can be taken wherever you go. This is especially useful for presentations when out and about, or as a mobile home cinema at your friends‘ place. The minimal heat generation needs very little cooling – the annoying noise of a fan is nowhere to be found!

Great connectivity: The Rollei Innocube IC200T/IC200C pico projector can easily be connected to a laptop, tablet, general device (HDMI standard) and most of the popular smartphones (MHL standard).

Main arguments:
- 60.0 "wide screen image at 2 meters distance
- Only 45 x 45 x 46 mm in size and only 129 grams in weight
- Manual focusing and internal speakers
- 2300mAh | 120 min. run time

Technical specifications:
- Display method: DLP DMD
- Max brightness: 35 ANSI lumens
- Light Source: RGB LED
- Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Resolution
- VGA (640x480)
- Contrast Ratio: 800:1
- Image size: 60“/ 2 meters
- LED lifetime: 10000 hours
- Video Input: HDMI MHL & Micro
- Internal battery: Lithium Polymer battery, 2300mAh | 120 minutes run time

Prisma - Portable Miniprojector

3DS - Bluetooth Headset and Powerbank

The latest technology headphones for mobile use!
1) 3D sound effects
2) Vibrating bass
3) Perfect sound quality

3D sounds

Our invention of new technology provides a whole new experience of sound broadcasting. With full front and rear sound, distance detection, vibrating bass and built in 3d-sound, these headphones will rock your world! The sound is tuned to perfection, providing superb performance!

Noise Reflection

A never before seen technology of noise reduction, using the principles of a stealth bomber, the sound is reflected and interfered for absolute crystal clear sound. With a span from 20-20.000Hz and a maximum drop of 35dB from 5kHz upward, this is the peak of sound evolution.

+12V Amplifier

This high voltage amplifier not only amplifies the loudness, but gives brutal strength to the signal and empowers the volume.The built in 750 mAH battery can even charge your cellphone in an emergency!

Available in 3 colors: black, white and red

Main arguments:
- Bluetooth v4.0 wireless transmission (10m)
- Noise reduction at all frequencies
- High voltage amplifier provides stronger bass and louder sound
- Built in microphone to use as a handsfree

Technical specifications:
- Driver 40mm, Neodynamion Boron Ferrite
- Frequency response: 20-23000Hz
- Total harmonic distortion: <0.2%
- Dynamic sound pressure: 115dB/mW
- Impedance: 32 Ohm
- Noise reduction: 15-35dB between 20-20kHz
- Audio amplifier: +12V operating voltage
- Powerbank 720mAH battery
- Bluetooth v4.0 (music&voice)

3DS - Bluetooth Headset and Powerbank

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